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Can you help us transform the Church Hall, Elton?

We've just launched a 'Community Survey' to help us breathe new life into the Church Hall, Elton. Click on the link below to see how you can contribute to the debate and share your views on this exciting project!


Alongside our parish Christmas card this year we are also delivering an important ‘Community Survey’ which is also contained within this website article below.

Following our recent refurbishment work that has seen a new kitchen and new toilets installed at the Church Hall in Elton we would like your views on our plans to further transform the hall to bring about:

A new building: a brand new smaller, quieter space for meetings and community activities,

And a newly refurbished main hall/sports hall with integrated store rooms to give maximum space for activities.

Why do we need a new building and refurbishment of the old building?

We need a more flexible space: to allow a large group to be able to do activities which use a lot of space in one area (basketball, badminton, indoor bowls, dancing) and activities that take up a small space (crafts, art, afternoon tea) in another. Our Youth Club and SuperTots both desperately need another room where they can go to ‘chill out’.

We need a quieter space: the main hall is very noisy because it has a high ceiling (great for sport) and uses a space heater, which is very noisy.

We need to refurbish the main hall because:

...the roof is leaking,

...the windows need renewing,

...the insulation is poor,

...the flooring needs replacing.

But more than this we’d like to restore it to its original use as a sports hall, which Elton does not currently have by:

  • Removing all the chairs and equipment into the new store rooms,
  • Installing lighting and windows that are sport proof,
  • Renewing the floor to introduce an appropriate new surface.

Additionally, we would explore the possibility of incorporating a versatility by use of lighting and drapes that would enable the hall to be used as a venue for weddings.

Can you help us get this vision right by completing the short questionnaire below?  If yes, please complete the survey and send it back to us as indicated.


Please copy the contents of the questionnaire below into an email, let us know your views and send it to: 

Design of the Church Hall:

1.  Would the proposals be helpful to you? Please indicate: Yes / No / Don’t know

If yes, why? Please explain any challenges you experience with the current Church hall.

2.  What facilities and/or aspects of the design are most important to you?

3.  Please write up to five words that describe what you hope the hall will be like?

Value of the Church Hall in Elton:

4.  Would you use the redeveloped Church Hall? Please indicate: Yes / No / Don’t know

If yes, for what activities/events/services?

5.  Do you have ideas for new events/activities/services that would most benefit residents in Elton? Please let us have details.

6.  Is the hall important to Elton and the issues affecting local people?

Please indicate: Yes / No / Don’t know

If yes, please explain why.

7.  Can you help? Would you like to help with the project? If so, please briefly state how and provide your contact details.

Thank you for completing this questionnaire!

Written on 28th Nov 2017

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